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With Gentle Rocks, experience the extraordinary shine and allure of high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Discover the perfect rock to illuminate your life.
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A few words about us

We’re more than just a brand. We’re a symbol of exceptional quality and sustainable luxury. Each diamond at Gentle Rocks is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, demonstrating our belief that superior quality isn’t a privilege, but a standard everyone should enjoy.

Our Exclusive Collections

Created in Lab, Certified by IGI

Discover our D/E color, VS clarity and better, lab-grown diamonds. Every diamond comes with an online-viewable IGI certificate report, offering you assurance of our high standards.

1.01 caract round Lab Grown Diamond

Unleash your brilliance with our high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Each gem at a competitive price of $1,000 per carat, sets the standard for sustainable luxury.

They say...

Just got myself a diamond from Gentle Rocks, and it's awesome! I used it for my ring, and it's a total stunner. So glad I went with Gentle Rocks - best choice ever!
Alyssa R. R.
Diamond Insights

Lab Grown Diamond: the 101 Guide

Dive into the fascinating world of lab-grown diamonds. Explore our latest insights, stories, and trends in sustainable luxury.

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Quality Guarantee

Every diamond from Gentle Rocks is meticulously assessed to meet the highest standards of VS level and D/E color grading.

Sustainable Luxury

Our lab-grown diamonds are ethical and environmentally-friendly, ensuring you can enjoy your gems guilt-free.

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Affordable Elegance

Everyone deserves the allure of high-quality diamonds. That's why we offer our gems at a competitive price of $1,000/ct.

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